Plaga Frizzante Sparkling White Wine


Product ID: 6254362

Volume : 750 ML
Kadar Alkohol : 4.3 %
Berat : 1.6 Kg
Stok : Ready Stock
Vintage : -
Country : -
Point Reward : 4 Point Reward yang Anda dapatkan dapat ditukarkan dengan kupon belanja!

Rp. 150.000
Rp. 170.000


Plaga Frizzante has an elegant flavor, with a typical taste of Muscat Frizzante wines, fresh and slightly sparkling, combined with a natural sweetness that balance perfectly with the acidity of the bubbles. This sparkling Muscat is fresh and seductive from the first sip with a pleasant finish.

Color: Light yellow straw color.

Aroma: Sweet flavors from white fruits and flowers, like pear, apple and jasmine, with pineapple hints.

Palate: Freshness and sweetness are all along in each drop of Plaga Frizzante, with a punch of flavors of white fruits and flowers that wraps the palate.

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