G.H. Mumms Cordon Rouge (Champagne)


Product ID: 6254362

Volume : 750 ML
Kadar Alkohol : 12 %
Berat : 1.9 Kg
Stok : Ready Stock
Vintage : -
Country : -
Point Reward : 10 Point Reward yang Anda dapatkan dapat ditukarkan dengan kupon belanja!

Rp. 940.000
Rp. 1.050.000

The style of every Mumm Cordon Rouge cuvée is a constant, subtle balance of freshness and intensity:

• A cuvée blended from 77 crus, every one unique
• The grape variety traditionally used by Mumm, Pinot Noir (45%), endows the wine with structure and strength
• Chardonnay blend (30%) that ensures both finesse and elegance
• The fruity, sharp and well-rounded notes of Pinot Meunier (25%) complete the blend
• A separate pressing and vinification for each grape variety and cru, to ensure a wide range of aromas and taste sensations
• 25% to 30% addition of reserve wine which brings depth to the final blend
• A residual sugar content of 8g/l to remain constant and true to the Maison MUMM style

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