Old Pascas Barbados White Rum


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Volume : 700 ML
Kadar Alkohol : 37.5 %
Berat : 1.5 Kg
Stok : Ready Stock
Vintage : -
Country : -
Point Reward : 10 Point Reward yang Anda dapatkan dapat ditukarkan dengan kupon belanja!

Rp. 370.000


Old Pascas is a premium international rum brand, the range of which combines the "best of the Caribbean" rum from Barbados and Jamaica.

A particularly complex traditional distillation method, coupled with state-of-the-art technical know-how, make possible the remarkable quality of Old Pascas White Rum (37.5 % vol.). Old Pascas Ron Blanco is an extraordinarily mild distillate that transports the full freshness of the sugar cane aroma into the bottle.

White rum is distilled from the molasses of the sugar cane (sugar cane -> sugar cane juice -> after production of the crystal sugar -> molasses), and should ideally be crystal clear, young and fresh, and with a fine, light flavour and aroma. Connoisseurs appreciate the light and balanced flavour of Old Pascas "light and mild“. 

Old Pascas White can be drunk either neat or on the rocks, and makes a superb basis for international long drinks such as the famous "Cuba Libre“ with Cola, as well as for all exotic mixed drinks and rum cocktails. 

Find out more about the history of Old Pascas in our introductory text on the brand.

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