Old Pascas Jamaica Dark Rum


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Volume : 700 ML
Kadar Alkohol : 40 %
Berat : 1.5 Kg
Stok : Ready Stock
Vintage : -
Country : -
Point Reward : 10 Point Reward yang Anda dapatkan dapat ditukarkan dengan kupon belanja!

Rp. 360.000



Old Pascas is a premium international rum brand, the range of which combines the "best of the Caribbean" rum from Barbados and Jamaica.

Jamaica – the region from which Old Pascas 40% vol originates – is is synonymous with the typical heavy, aromatic rums of the Caribbean and its unmistakable flavour is valued throughout the world. The location of the island and the associated constant moist tropical climate of the region enables the sugar cane to mature to a particularly bountiful quality, before Old Pascas Jamaica Rum is distilled from the molasses using the complex traditional method. The long time spent maturing in old oak casks gives it the distinctly spicy note and the golden brown colour that connoisseurs appreciate. 

Old Pascas Jamaica 40% is superb for making all classic cocktails that should have an aromatically spicy rum note, such as Corn n’Oil or Bermuda Yacht Club Cocktail. Of course, beyond that everything’s possible with this excellent Jamaican rum, from exotic Batidas and delicious Pina Coladas to a simple Cola & Rum made as a long drink. 

Find out more about the history of Old Pascas in our introductory text on the brand. 

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